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Testing Coordinator

SBAC Training

Directions for Accessing and Using MyData

  1. Go to
  2. In the center of the page, click on "MyData Click to Log In"
  3. Sign on using your Single Sign On (your ISIS login)
  4. If you are having problems logging on or you need to update, change your password, or activate your account, go to
  5. After you have signed on, click "Classroom," located in the top left hand corner.
  6. Select "My Former Students, End of Year Data."
  7. Select the "CST-CMA" tab.
  8. Click the button to the right of "Period" located on the left hand side of the screen.
  9. Select a class period.  Press the single left arrow (<) to move the period number to the "selected" box.  Click "ok." Then, click the "go" button, next to the "Period."
  10. Select "CST Performance Level Change, Classroom Report."
  11. Click a CST Content area (middle of screen.)
  12. Review the chart showing the percentage of students and the change in test scores. 
  13. Click an underlined number in the "Gain" column.  Review the change in individual scores.
  14. Review the performance change in each student.
  15. What is the highest jump in scaled score by an individual students?
  16. Click a student identification number to review an individual student's scores. 
  17. Print on "Comprehensive Student History Report-Summary."  This will be your exit ticket.


Baccus, Christine

Testing Coordinator

Phone: 323-826-1736 or 88-1736