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Dr. Pride, Ms. Baccus, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Holm, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Marin, Ms. Haqq-Adams, Mr. Breland



  • Meet as Department in viewing rooms
  • Watch and Discuss Videos


Consider the following:

  • How could you use the DOK information in these videos for your classroom?
  • What problem might watching the video clips help solve?
  • How could you introduce this resource to improve your teaching practice?


You will have 45 minutes to watch the videos, discuss and rate the DOK levels using the rating sheets provided.


Bringing it all together ……


  • We will reconvene in the library to debrief and collaboratively rate the videos.
  • After we have rated the videos you will be ask to present and defend your positions.


Evaluation………. Go to:


Video List: (Math, English & Social Studies)


Making Vocabulary Interactive - Jackson Rm47



Differentiating with Learning Menus - Baccuss RM48



Higher Order Questions: A Path to Deeper Learning - Garcia RM24



My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes - Holm RM25



Discovering the Surface Area of a Cylinder - Marin RM12


Graphing Linear Equations - Full Body Style - Weslty-Washington RM16